Sahid Khudiram Bose was an Indian revolutionary who opposed British rule of India. For his role in the Muzaffarpur Conspiracy Case, along with Prafulla Chaki, he was sentenced to death and subsequently executed, making him one of the youngest martyrs of the Indian Independence Movement⁣. At the time of his hanging, Khudiram was 18 years, 8 months, and 11 days old.

He was born in the small village named Mohobani, in the Medinipur district of Bengal. His father was a Tehsildar.⁣

His parents had two sons before the birth of Khudiram but both of them died prematurely. Following the traditional customs prevalent in the culture, the newborn child was symbolically sold to his eldest sister in exchange of three handfuls of food grains locally known as Khud, in an attempt to save him from dying at an early age. This way he acquired the name, Khudiram.⁣

He was inspired by Sri Aurobindo & Sister Nivedita when they held public lectures in Medinipur.⁣

Apparently, he joined Anushilan Samiti, and came into contact with the network of Barindra Kumar Ghosh of Calcutta. He became a volunteer at the age of 15, and was arrested for distributing pamphlets against the British rule in India. At the young age of 16, Khudiram took part in planting bombs near the police stations and targeted government officials.⁣

He was chosen for the assassination of Kingsford along with Prafulla chaki. He took the fake name of ‘Haren Sarkar’ in this operation.⁣

They threw a bomb on the carriage but there was a mistake in identification. After then they fled away from scene.⁣

They went their own way to escape capture. By midnight, Khudiram had walked 25 miles and he reached a station called Waini. As he asked for a glass of water at a tea stall, he was confronted by two armed constables, Fateh Singh, and Sheo Pershad Singh, who immediately suspected something upon seeing his dusty feet, and his exhausted and perspiring appearance. ⁣

After a couple of questions, their suspicion became stronger, and they decided to detain Khudiram. Khudiram started struggling with the two men, and immediately, one of the two hidden revolvers fell out. ⁣

Before Khudiram could use the other one to fire on the constables, one of them held him from behind in a bear-hug. The much younger and lightly built Khudiram had no more chance of defence or escape.

Khudiram had to give a statement or declaration to the magistrate. He took full responsibility for the assassination, unknown that Prafulla was dead. Only after Khudiram finished giving his statement, the body of Prafulla reached Muzaffarpur. Khudiram realized that lying would go in vain. He identified the body of Prafulla and the British also received details from the encounter with sub-inspector Bannerjee. Instead of believing Khudiram, the British thought it more proper to cut off the head from the body and send it to Kolkata for better confirmation.

After numerous hearings and trials, the British judges gave the verdict of the death sentence. Khudiram was hanged on 11 August 1908. 

When death sentence was pronounced to Khudiram bose, he actually smiled in the courtroom and told the judge that if he could be given more time, he would teach him the skill of making bombs.

Muzaffarpur Jail, where he was incarcerated and executed on August 11, 1908 has been named as the Khudiram Bose Memorial Central Jail.