Amba Prasad, also known as Sufi Amba Prasad, was an Indian nationalist and pan-Islamist leader notable for his involvement in the agrarian unrest in Punjab in 1907 and subsequently in the Revolutionary movement for Indian independence.⁣

Prasad was born in 1858 in the city of Moradabad, then in the United Provinces. He was born without his right hand, when he grew up, he used to jokingly tell his friends, “I must have lost a hand before dying while fighting in the 1857 war of independence. So when I was born again next year, one hand remained missing.”⁣

He emerged as a firm promoter of Hindu-Muslim unity and at the age of 32, he started an Urdu weekly. At 39, Prasad was arrested for his ‘seditious’ writings. ⁣

In 1900, Prasad became involved in the agrarian movement that was emerging in Punjab. His associates at the time included Sardar Ajit Singh, Mahasha Ghaseeta Ram, Kartar Singh and Lala Lajpat Rai.⁣

In 1906, Prasad was one of the key founding members of the Bharat Mata Society.⁣

In 1909, Prasad started a newspaper called Peshwa, which led to increased surveillance of his work and activities. When another arrest appeared imminent, he escaped to Iran with Ajit to continue working for the freedom movement while in exile.⁣

Here they also got involved with nationalist activities in Iran. When Ajit singh had to leave for Turkey, most of the burden of the work in Iran was shouldered by Prasad at a time when the British were also consolidating their hold over Iran and were on the lookout for Prasad. True to his calling, Prasad had started a newspaper even during his exile in Iran, which made it easier for him to be traced.⁣

This ultimately led to a confrontation in Shiraz where Prasad faced his attackers with a revolver in his left hand. He fought very bravely but was finally overpowered and imprisoned. He was given the death sentence but died in jail. A large crowd gathered at his last rites in Iran. He had gained widespread respect in the country. A memorial, erected in his honour, is still visited by several people.⁣

The works of Amba Prasad had a significant impact on Bhagat Singh.⁣