Earlier in 1890’s, few Indians i.e. only those who supported the British were mostly given entry in the parliament. ⁣

On 26 March, 1902, when there were celebrations in the Parliament on account of surplus 7 crore rupees, G K Gokhale rose up to give his first Budget Speech.⁣

His first speech established him as the Greatest Parliamentarian India had ever produced on account of his knowledge and the way he presented his point.⁣

His constant attacks and sharp criticism on the Government policies in the Legislatures terrified the Britishers to a great extent, which also continued for the next ten years.⁣

The Moderates, as they became known created terror among the Britishers who were present in the Legislature with their understanding of the contrast in the British society and the Indian society. ⁣

It was on Gokhle’s request that Gandhi came back to India. Gokhle’s credentials were excellent and initially he mentored both Gandhi and Jinnah. He brought Gandhi in close contact with industrialists who ensured party funding in later years. ⁣

Gokhle advised Gandhi to tour India first to understand the situation better. For 2 years Gandhi toured and then he launched the1st movement in Champaran against Indigo planters. Gokhle set up the launching pad for Gandhi to start his political career in India. ⁣

This gained momentum and inspired other political leaders to fight hard for gaining independence from British Rule. ⁣

Mahatma Gandhi called Gokhale his political guru for inspiring him to take up the cause of the freedom struggle.⁣

Gandhi also recognised Gokhale as an admirable leader and master politician, describing him as “pure as crystal, gentle as a lamb, brave as a lion and chivalrous to a fault and the most perfect man in the world.⁣