Naujawan Bharat Sabha (Youth Society of India) was a left-wing Indian association that sought to encourage revolution against the British Raj by gathering together worker and peasant youths. ⁣

It was founded by Bhagat Singh in March 1926 and was a more public face of the Hindustan Republican Association. The organization merged with ALL INDIA YOUTH FEDERATION (AIYF)⁣

The NBS comprised members from the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities and organised lectures, public meetings and protests. It did not gain widespread support because of its radical ideas relating to religion and to agrarian reform.⁣

The Naujawan Bharat Sabha declared policy of developing spirit of patriotism in the hearts of young men, helping the cause of the down trodden labours and peasants, revving the memories of martyrs.⁣

Naujawan Bharat Sabha were noticeable in three direction:⁣
i. Interest in anti government of political parties.⁣
ii. Interest in communist activities of the Kirti group.
iii. Interest in youth movement.⁣

It tried to bring about a new awaking among the worker, peasants and intelligentsia by disseminating Marxist idea. It tried to unite them on the basis of an economic programme and on line of class struggle.⁣

NBS became one of the three significant left-wing groups in the Punjab, the others being the outlawed Communist Party of India and the Kirti Kisan Party. ⁣

Attendance at its public meetings became particularly poor after the killing of J. P. Saunders in late 1928. This killing, by Bhagat Singh and others, followed from a protest against the Simon Commission in Lahore of which the NBS had been one of the organising parties. ⁣

The association was banned in 1929 during a period when the government had imposed Section 144 to control gatherings as public support burgeoned for the imprisoned Bhagat Singh and his fellow hunger-strikers.⁣

All associations considered to be left-wing were declared illegal under the Criminal Law Amendment Act (1908) in September 1934.⁣

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