⁣After the withdrawal of the first non-cooperation movement, the radical sections of the Congress were gradually attracted towards the communist ideology. ⁣

In 1924 the communist thoughts were at peak in India and Indian youth were joining communist party in massive numbers.⁣

Sensing the situation, the governor-general of India sent a message on 28 February, 1923 to the Home Secretary in London to the effect that if mass movements started again, a section of non-cooperators and ex-terrorists will join hands with the communists to launch a fresh offensive. So a new conspiracy case was master-minded to smash the budding communist organisation.⁣

Kanpur Conspiracy Case was also against the newbie communists which were abhorred by the British Government. ⁣⁣Some newly turned communists named M N Roy, Muzaffar Ahamed, S A Dange, Shaukat Usmani, Nalini Gupta, Singaravelu Chettiar, Ghulam Hussain were caught by the Government and were trailed for conspiring against the Government. The Charge on them was:⁣

“to deprive the King Emperor of his sovereignty of British India, by complete separation of India from imperialistic Britain by a violent revolution.”⁣

But this case, brought the communists in the lime light. The newspapers covered the matter exhaustively and this was for the first time the people of India could know the communist doctrine in details.⁣

So, this case was responsible for introduction of Communism to the Indian Public.⁣

In this case, M N Roy was charged in absentia (while the person involved is not present), so he was not arrested. Ghulam Hussain turned a British informer and was pardoned. Rest all people were arrested and sent to jail for 4 years.⁣