The Indian Home Rule Society (IHRS) was an Indian organisation founded in London in 1905 that sought to promote the cause of self-rule in British India. ⁣

The organisation was founded by Shyamji Krishna Varma, with support from a number of prominent Indian nationalists in Britain at the time, including Bhikaji Cama, Dadabhai Naoroji and S.R. Rana, and was intended to be a rival organisation to the British Committee of the Indian National Congress that was the main avenue of the loyalist opinion at the time.⁣

 It had a written constitution and the stated aims to “secure Home Rule for India, and to carry on a genuine Indian propaganda in this country by all practicable means”.⁣

It recruited from amongst young Indian activists, collected money, and may have been collecting arms and maintaining close contact with revolutionary movements in India.⁣

After Krishna Varma’s shift to Paris in 1907, the society gave way the secret nationalist society of Abhinav Bharat Mandal, founded by V.D. Savarkar. ⁣