In the year 1929, Hartog Committee was appointed to recommend necessary measures to overcome the downfall of the standard of education due to the increased number of educational institutions. 

Philip Joseph Hartog was appointed by the British Indian government to survey on the growth of education in India. Committee had submitted its report in 1929.

It had devoted more attention to mass education than the secondary and University education. The committee highlighted the problem of wastage and stagnation in education at the primary level.

The committee pointed out that liberal promotion from one class to another during the earlier stages of education and pursuing of Higher Education by inefficient and incapable students in large numbers were responsible for this condition.

The Committee also criticized the introduction of Honors courses in some universities and pointed out that they were outmoded.

The report pointed out that many universities were only conducting the examinations and only in some universities teaching and research work had begun. There was a lack of good libraries in the universities.

They recommended that,
The establishment of some affiliating universities keeping in view the great demand for higher education. 

The admission, in universities should be controlled on the basis of abilities and aptitudes of students.

Provision should be made for technical education by the universities. The universities have to control the problem of unemployment by opening employment opportunities.

Besides, the Committee suggested for the improvement of University Education, Women Education, Education of Minorities and Backward classes etc.

They gave a permanent shape to the educational policy of that period and attempted for consolidating and stabilizing education. 

The report was hailed as the torch bearer of Government efforts.  

However, the suggestions of the Committee could not be implemented effectively and the educational progress could not be maintained due to worldwide economic depression of 1930-31.