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343. The Salt Satyagraha: How Gandhi’s Campaign for Indian Independence Changed the World

In the 1930s, Mahatma Gandhi led the Salt Satyagraha, a peaceful protest against the British salt tax. The campaign was a significant step towards the British losing the consent of Indians and recognizing that their control of India depended entirely on the Indians’ willingness to cooperate. Nehru considered the Salt Satyagraha the high-water mark of…

341. Qissa Khwani massacre, 1930

The Khudai Khidmatgar, led by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, were a group of Muslims committed to the removal of British rule through non-violent methods. On 23 April 1930, Ghaffar Khan was arrested after a speech urging resistance to the foreign rule. After that, more Khudai Khidmatgar leaders were arrested. A large number of Khudai Khidmatgar members gathered…

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