The All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) is oldest women’s organisation in India. It was founded in 1927 by Margaret Cousins in Pune in order to promote women and children’s education and social welfare. Amrit Kaur (first woman cabinet minister of independent india) was one of the founding members of AIWC.⁣

The idea for the AIWC emerged in 1926, at the suggestion of Irish-born theosophist and feminist Margaret Cousins. ⁣

The first meeting held in Pune saw 2,000 attendees who met at the Fergusson College Hall in Pune University under the Presidentship of Maharani Chimnabai ⁣Saheb Gaekwar of Baroda. ⁣

At the first conference, a number of resolutions were adopted, including those aimed at enriching the content of primary education, vocational training, and collegiate-level programs.⁣

An important milestone in the history of the organization was the setting up of the Lady Irvin College , a women’s college for Home Science, Educational Research and Training for Teachers in Delhi in 1932. The College has grown to be one of the foremost colleges for girls in Delhi.⁣

The AIWC subsequently expanded the scope of its work to include a social reform agenda. Members of the organization became actively involved in legislative advocacy aimed at ending the practice of child marriage and securing women’s rights to divorce and inheritance.⁣

Several hundred local AIWC branches are located across India, with thousands of members engaged in work on a range of issues, including education, development, economic empowerment, and social welfare.⁣

The organisation’s literacy campaign was intensified in 1996 by initiating non-formal education programmes for school drop outs and literacy programmes for adult woman with craft training through its branches.⁣

They also help women find employment, are involved in health issues and the prevention of human trafficking.⁣

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