Annexation of Sambhalpur(Odisha):
In the case of Sambhalpur the deceased Raja(Narayan singh) had not adopted any son. In 1849 before his death he had expressed the view that his people might obtain the protection of the British after his death. Consequently Dalhousie annexed the State of Sambalpur.

Annexation of Jaitpur(present day- U.P):
When Khet Singh, the state’s last ruler, died without issue in 1849, the State of Jaitpur {in Bundelkhand} was also annexed to the British dominion because its ruler died in 1849 without leaving an issue.

Annexation of Bhagat:
It was a petty hill State in Punjab and was annexed for want of natural heir to the throne after the death of its ruler in 1850.

Annexation of Udaipur:
The State was annexed to the British dominion in 1852 when its ruler did leaving no heir to the throne.