Raja of Nagpur(Raghuji III) had died in 1853 and before his death he had directed his Rani to adopt a son. Rani adopted Yashwant Rao as per Hindu customs and law. But this annexation was not recognized by Dalhousie and Nagpur was annexed.

Background History:
Raghuji was not blessed by progeny though he had in all eight wives. He had one son who died in infancy after whom he probably did not get any issue. He does not seem to have cared for his successor. He probably considered his being without a son as a blemish and left the question of succession to its own fate.

This, however, proved to be detrimental to the Bhonsle House as is borne by facts. Raghuji was not on Rood terms with Resident Mansel. This might have adversely affected the succession question.

Raghuji died at the age of 47 after a long illness of 25 days on 11 December 1853. His obsequies were performed by his nephew Nana Ahirarav and it was decided to adopt his son Yasavantrav as the next successor.