John Macpherson: Governor-General of Bengal from 1785 to 1786.

Warren Hastings had resigned from the Company before he went to England. Before arrival of Lord Cornwallis, at Calcutta Sir John Macpherson took the office of Governor General for a short period of around 20 months.

John Macpherson had earlier come to India in 1767 and was a corrupt officer who had been charged for taking bribery from the Nawab of Arcot. He was expelled from the Madras Council. He appealed in front of the Court of Directors against his dismissal and the Court of Directors reinstated him finding no proof.

Before he could again go to Madras, Lord North sent him to Calcutta where he kept pitching against Warren Hastings. When Warren Hastings resigned and went to London, John Macpherson became the Governor General of the Fort Williams.

In his time, Mahadji Scindia, who was now well recognized face of the Great Marathas asked the British to pay the sum of 4 Crore Rupees, as arrears to the tribute promised by them in 1765 (26 Lakh Per year). John Macpherson answered immediately disapproved this claim. Now he was fearful of Scindia, and to check the Maratha, he posted one envoy at Pune.

In 1786, there was a war between the Marathas and Tipu Sultan. Before the war could conclude, John Macpherson returned to England. He was superseded by Lord Cornwallis in September 1786.